Bring “the new fresh” to your family table!

Lettuce Abound is a family-run farm in west central Minnesota. Our family strives to grow the absolute freshest quality produce available. We believe in only the best which means we do not use chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or GMOs. Our plants are grown in a completely dirt-free environment with the most cutting edge growing technology called Aeroponics. This patented growing process allows us to grow in a completely controlled, indoor environment year-round while using 95% less water than conventional farming. Our local produce is available to be on store shelves and in restaurants within 24 hours of harvesting making for a fresher, more healthy choice. We invite you to taste the new fresh.


Fresh Local Produce All Year!

Find us here:

Coborns, Cashwise, and various Teal’s Markets, Jerry’s Foods, Cub, and Horbachers stores.

We invite you to taste the new fresh. 

— Lettuce Abound


Our Guarantee

That our produce will be fresher and last longer than any of our competition. No chemicals, no pesticides, no dirt.


What people are saying...

- “Wow, I didn't know I would get so excited to see how a salad grows. Walking through the rows of lettuce was amazing!”