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Kevin & Julie

Kevin and Julie are builders and farmers for the future.  The late 70’s brought many challenges to local farmers including Kevin and Julie. This challenge caused them think outside of the box towards a new concept of organic farming.  In 1983 they restructured their farming operation and began growing organic crops and seeds. Their grains were shipped all over the United States and the world from Europe to Japan.  Growing things to fill needs is Kevin and Julie’s niche.  They were growing organic before organic was a household term. In 2016 Kevin and Julie have begun another phase of building for the future in the form of aeroponic technology.   


Brian & Melody

Brian and Melody have a passion for seeing things grow. Brian and Melody both grew up on small family farms and love raising their two girls on the farm. Providing a more healthy and sustainable product for our family and for our community is a passion. Helping small family farms adapt and diversify for future generations is key to sustainability long-term viability and we are excited to be a part of that growing change.